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Heated Propagation Tray With Thermostat

Heated Propagation Tray With Thermostat
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The Heated Propagation Tray allows you to control your growing conditions, promoting faster and healthier growth and the opportunity to propagate and raise seedlings, exotic plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs all year round.

Included is:  1 heating mat, 1 x seedling cell trays (72 cells per tray), 1 x Drip tray, 1 x digital thermostat, 1 x custom clear plastic growing and viewing dome.

Measurements for this propagator as follows; 525mm long x 250mm wide x 280mm high including viewing dome.


  • The digital thermostat allows you to preset bottom heating temperature, 22 - 24 degrees celsius is applicable to most varieties of seeds, cuttings and seedlings
  • Low running costs and can be connected to a timer. The thermostat will allow you to extend the heat for your plants in the cooler months, whilst also having the ability to control the heat source to a minimum in the warmer months.

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Heated Propagation Tray  extra accessories available:

Ideally, the propagator should be located in a sheltered draft free spot, close to good natural light, but not in direct sunlight that could burn the plants. The propagator should not be used in the open where it could be subject to rain or abnormal temperature and weather conditions.

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