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Greenhouse Split Roof 3000 x 5360 (2400 high)

Greenhouse Split Roof 3000 x 5360 (2400 high)
Greenhouse Split Roof 3000 x 5360 (2400 high)
Product Code: 4-5A-AH-1018SR

Greenhouse Split Roof 3000 x 5360 (2400 high) (10ft x 18ft)

Grow your own produce all year round. It's a great lifestyle choice and very rewarding. Our split roof greenhouses are designed for backyard propagation and growing of vegetables and plants from seeds, cuttings or seedlings.

Manufactured in Australia.

All houses comprise of a modular galvanised steel frame and fitted cover including a hinged door, screws, pegs, door handles and instructions.

The Solarpro covers are fabricated from long life reinforced woven plastic Solarpro shaped to suit the frames. All houses come with a standard Velcro roll up vent on the rear wall and door.

The split roof greenhouse is designed for greater air flow, with the roof opening the entire length of the house. This ensures hot air will escape, providing superior airflow - which is imperative for successful plant growth. To use simply push the lift bar upwards to open the roof section. This allows hot air to escape quickly and easily. The lift roof section pivots on the right and lifts on the left, this can be custom made to open the opposite way if preferable to avoid extreme prevailing winds blowing into the house.

A bird screen in white shadecloth is included with the split roof house - this covers the open roof area to stop birds, pests and insects entering the house.

 Split Roof house comprises:

1. Fully fitted long-life solashield cover with 2 wall vents (one on the door and one on the back wall)

2. Kit form galvanised steel frame including full size hinged door with lockable handle

3. Manual opening roof section with bird screen (to stop animals etc entering via the roof)

4. Screws & washers

5. Heavy duty pegs

7. Frameshield tape (cover protection)

6. Set of "do-it-yourself" instructions (please contact us if you require a quote for installation)

This Split Roof Greenhouse is also available with a Shade Cover Kit.

Benchespotsfertiliserbottom heat propagation products are also available.

This product exceeds the Australia Post freight parameters. Please place your online order and a representative will contact you with delivery options and costs

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