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Spring Clip Channel only 4m lengths

Spring Clip Channel only 4m lengths
Product Code: 4-5A-SCLIP

Spring Clip Channel only 4m lengths

The easiest polythene retention clip is now made in Australia.

This product cannot be shipped via Australia Post due to its length. We will be in touch to advise freight parameters.

Click here for the: Retaining Wire (2 metres long) for Spring Clip

  • Can be formed to top of curved bows
  • Can be used to fit 2 skins of polythene for twin skinning poly greenhouses.
  • Allows quick film replacement or repair
  • Allows film to be removed and re-installed seasonally

The advantages of being extruded in aluminium are:  

  • Aluminium is not a good conductor, therefore Spring Clip will not heat up and deteriorate your polythene.
  • Aluminium does not rust and is not affected by chemicals, therefore will last much longer than steel.
  • Aluminium is a lighter material and is therefore cheaper to transport.

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