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Glasshouses,Green Houses, Mini Greenhouses & Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kits for Sale Melbourne, Australia.

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A full range of glasshouses, greenhouses and plastic polytunnel green house kits readily available for nursery and home gardeners.

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These glasshouses, greenhouses, polytunnel house kits and glasshouses are ideal for everything propagation from:

- Australian natives

- Tropical varieties such as orchids and bromeliads

- Vegetable seedlings

- Cut flowers


A full range of accessories for our greenhouses and polytunnel houses that aid in benching, irrigation, heating and cooling are always available.


Greenhouse Materials & Accessories

Buy Fine Quality Greenhouses in Australia

A greenhouse or glasshouse is one of the best home improvements you can make. These useful horticultural buildings offer you and your home many positive benefits.  Greenhouses can be used for numerous purposes, and these charming garden features give you room to grow everything from seedlings to exotic plants.

Sage Horticultural is a leading supplier of quality gardening and horticultural products.  We also sell the best green house materials and greenhouse kits for a variety of industries and businesses such as educational firms, governments nurseries, parks & gardens, together with home gardens.  We have a wide range of products and kits available such as the following;

Glasshouses Glass greenhouses are some of the finest you will ever own.  These greenhouses have a beautiful design and are made of a strong aluminium material that enhances durability and strength.

Plastic tunnel houses – These tunnel houses are the budget-friendly greenhouse solution.  They are available in various kit types, they are easy to assemble and are perfectly suited to growing all sorts of plants. 

Polycarbonate greenhouses – These greenhouses offer the charm of glass greenhouses due to their aluminium frame, but instead of glass, they are fitted with polycarbonate sheets. They are available in various ranges and are perfect for beginner greenhouse gardeners.

Hot & Shade houses – These smaller greenhouses are made of galvanised steel tube and plastic lining.  They are available in various sizes and are perfect for protecting your plants from cold weather.


Why You Should Have A Greenhouse in Australia

We believe that everyone in Australia would benefit from having a greenhouse. These versatile structures offer a whole host of benefits including the following;

  • You can grow healthy organic foods that contain no pesticides
  • Pests and insects can no longer get to your plants
  • Greenhouses enable you to grow foods and plants all year round
  • Save money when you have a natural supply of healthy vegetables
  • Perfect for growing non-indigenous plants and delicate flower plants
  • Glass and polycarbonate greenhouses have a double function since they can also be used as sunrooms or leisure rooms.
  • Growing your own foods is very rewarding
  • You learn lots of new things about plants and the environment
  • Growing foods is educational for children

Greenhouses are beautiful and functional which makes them a superb investment for all sorts of groups and institutions including the following;

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Government Buildings
  • Domestic homes
  • Multi-family units
  • Apartment blocks
  • Guesthouses
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Resorts

Buy All the Greenhouse Accessories You Need Right Here

At Sage Horticultural we specialise in greenhouses, but we also supply a wide range of other gardening products such as fastening materials, propagation equipment, irrigation, and water saving equipment, handling equipment, gardening pots and much more.  You can shop the highest quality greenhouses right here and get all the equipment and materials you need for planting from our well-established business. 

Give us a call right now on 03 9796 3100 to find out more about our greenhouse kits and accessories.

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