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A greenhouse, otherwise known as a glasshouse or hothouse, is a structure made almost entirely of ether glass or polyethylene film, with sides and a roof that allow the sun to penetrate to warm the interior of the structure with very little heat being allowed to escape.

Soil and plants within the greenhouse also produce some heat and moisture, adding to, and thus helping to sustain ideal indoor temperatures for plants to grow.


Greenhouse Products & Parts

A Fantastic Range of Greenhouse Products at Sage Horticultural

However, you will need more than just a greenhouse if you want to propagate seeds and watch them grow into strong, healthy plants. Our range of high-quality greenhouse products will ensure that you have everything you need in your greenhouse to grow your plants successfully.

Greenhouse Uses

Greenhouses can vary in size and will depend on the space available to build them, ranging from small structures for home use to large commercial size varieties. They are built from glass or polyethylene film, a form of plastic.

The plants inside are successfully grown for home use, for retail, or for the food service industry. In addition, some gardeners may include seed starters or plants that are germinated to be supplied to other greenhouses.

There may be a number of reasons why you choose to grow certain plants under greenhouse conditions. Besides maintaining ideal temperatures, greenhouse structures protect plants from the elements such as rain and wind, as well as animals and a number of pests, in addition to helping to provide weed and fungal protection.

Environmental conditions and the availability of space, protection from susceptibility to pests, or ensuring produce in unfavourable weather conditions all year round, are some of the primary considerations taken when opting to use a greenhouse.

Certified Sustainability  

One of the biggest advantages of using a greenhouse to grow plants is not only year-round production, but they play an important role in sustainability by using minimal resources for their production.

As growing conditions can be maintained throughout the year, this also ensures a continuous production cycle and providing a reliable source of food safety, by ensuring continuous production.

Most greenhouses use green energy and are environmentally friendly. Through re-circulation systems ensure that water that is not used by the plants is recycled, and there is very little run-off.

As greenhouses are closed environments, better pest control can be exorcised, thus reducing, or eliminating entirely the need for pesticides. Grown under mostly ideal conditions, it also guarantees that produce is not only fresh but wholesome.

Greenhouses often supply areas surrounding them, ensuring fresh produce availability. Sage Horticultural has been at the forefront of helping Australia to maintain this vital source of produce.

We supply a wide range of greenhouse parts to help you build or maintain your greenhouse. We invite you to browse our online catalogue and discover how you too can benefit from our quality products and services.

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