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Beat A Bug Happy Roses Spray 1 Litre

Beat A Bug Happy Roses Spray 1 Litre
Product Code: X 16-6A-BABHR

Directions for use

Roses with poor, blotchy, black or yellow leaves:

1. Remove damaged foliage and discard or burn
2. Spray on rose leaves to run off three times in the first week, then continue as per instructions below

For healthy active roses:

3. Spray rose leaves to run off every 7-14 days

Avoid wetting leaves for 10 hrs after spraying.

Avoid using overhead sprinklers or splashing leaves while watering as this will encourage diseases.

Application Tips:

  • Before application, remove any yellow or damaged leaves and dispose of or burn.
  • Apply liberally to leaves all over plant - underneath as well if possible. Evening is the best time.
  • Avoid applying in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid spraying in windy conditions.
  • Avoid using on open flowers.
  • Application three times in the first week is optimum, thereafter every one to two weeks during growing season.
  • Do not spray when roses are dormant (winter). Begin spraying as soon as plants begin sprouting after winter.
  • One litre of ready-to-use Happy Roses covers approximately twelve full size rose bushes.
  • One litre of concentrate makes 30 litres of ready-to-use solution or enough to treat 40 rose bushes ten times each.
  • If using concentrate (dilute 30ml/litre of water) we recommend using a dedicated pressurized hand sprayer to simplify your spraying regime.

Can I use Happy Roses on other plants?

Yes. Happy Roses can be used all over the garden, especially on plants with waxy leaves. On sensitive looking leaves do a plant test patch first.

Does Happy Roses kills aphids?

It is not designed to kill aphids, but it does act as an effective repellant. To kill insects, use Beat-A-Bug Insect Spray.

What is the best way to control blackspot and other fungal diseases in my roses?

General good gardening practices are always beneficial. For instance roses should be planted at a distance apart at which they do not touch each other; watering should never be done from above, as drops spread fungal disease; roses should get at least six hours of sunlight per day; they need a well fertilized soil with plenty of organic matter (sheep manure is particularly good) and they should receive frequent deep watering. In addition to the above Happy Roses should be applied regularly. Naturally occurring sulphur and seaweed extract in Happy Roses controls existing blackspot while the general qualities of the product boost plant immunity against further attack. If at any stage blackspot should re-occur, remove damaged foliage and discard or burn.


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