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Beat A Bug Happy Roses Spray 1 Litre
Directions for use Roses with poor, blotchy, black or yellow leaves: 1. Remove damaged fo..
Beat A Bug Slug-it Spray 750mls
Controls snails and slugs in the home garden Use on soil around plants, along garden..
Beat-A-Bug Natural Insect Spray 1 Litre
Beat-A-Bug Insect Spray is the perfect product for the natural control of insects in the garden a..
Bitumen Rubber Select 2L
Bitumen Rubber Select 2L Rubber Latex & Bitumen, ideal for tree wound dressing & graf..
Bitumen Rubber Select 500ml
Bitumen Rubber Select 500ml Rubber Latex & Bitumen, ideal for tree wound dressing & g..
Insectrap Gall Wasp Trap Sticky tube trap complete with attractant for CITRUS GALL WASP ..
Yellow Stick Card Traps (Pack of 20) Double sides sticky card with hanging wire. Each car..
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