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Micro Boost 1 Litre

Micro Boost 1 Litre
Product Code: 12-W-MB1

Micro Boost is naturally based liquid fertilizer and a soil conditioner. It contains all major plant nutrients, trace elements, humic substances and some vitamins and amino acids.  This naturally based product provides the following properties to produce healthy and productive plants.


Organic carbon > 25%

Calcium - 2%

Slow Release Nitrogen - 4%

Trace Elements*

*Product contains all major nutrients and trace elements.  The analysis varies as this product is derived from a natural source.

  • Stimulate the growth of effective and beneficial microbial population.
  • Chelated organic molecules in the product improves structural stability of soil by decreasing dispersion and/or slaking.
  • Suppresses the growth of pathogenic bacteria, virus and fungi in the growing systems.
  • Organic chelate in the product improves availability of trace elements and some major nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur in the soil.
  • Foliar spray of this product improves carbohydrate levels in the leaves and fruits.
  • Improves resistance of plants against drastic dry weather conditions.

Application Directions:

Foliar and/or root feeding - 1:200 or  5ml per 1L of water

Grey Water - 1:1000 or 1ml per litre of grey water storage

Micro Boost is available in 1L, 5L, 20L and 205L containers

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