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Fertilisers & Dosing Equipment

Sage Horticultural carries an exclusive line of liquid fertiliser and Dosmatic dosing injectors.

Our own brand Nu Vital Fertiliser: A nutrient formula perfectly balanced containing all essential elements. Nu Vital not only stimulates development of the plants root system, growth of the plant, flowering and fruiting but it also adjusts the PH of the water applied to the root zone or foliage. This promotes the uptake of all nutrients required by the plant.

Seasol Fertilisers are an integral part of the range.

For liquid feeding applications, e.g. root feeding or foliar spraying where accurate precision dosing is a must, our range of Dosmatic injectors are easily up to the task.

The Dosmatic injectors are a water driven, piston action injector (no electricity required) that can be easily adjusted to deliver different rates of fertiliser when required. They can run on low water pressure, e.g. 50kpa up to higher pressures such as 600kpa.

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